Fatayer – Spinach and Feta Parcels

Fatayer – Spinach and Feta Parcels

Fatayer are an Arabic food that can have meat in, but are often filled with spinach.   Since making them I’ve done a bit of research and have found a few more interesting-sounding variations such as adding sumac to the filling or pomegranate syrup, as Ottolenghi does.

I enjoyed making them as it was something a little different and also gave me a chance to test out my new food mixer and dough hook.  Luckily it worked because if not I would have been disappointed about more than just a ruined meal.  Although I might make a few variations next time, I loved these as they were and managed to eat 2 for one meal.   I often use dried herbs as I don’t always have the fresh ones I need but I was so glad I’d made the effort to get fresh mint for these as it gave them a lovely flavour.

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