Fast food for dinner - prepare-ahead fish cakes

Fast food for dinner - prepare-ahead fish cakes

There’s nothing like challenging yourself to try two new 30-minute meals a week – and then blogging about it publicly – to encourage you to pick up a cookery book. But since challenging myself in January to try two new meals a week, I’ve been leafing through cookery books, sharing ideas with friends and even beating my target by cooking new meals three to four times a week. And do you know what? I love it. Interestingly, it feels like a part of me that became abandoned in the upheaval of becoming a mum is re-emerging. And weirdly, it’s a part that I hadn’t even realised was buried. It feels as though I’m strengthening an underused muscle – the more I try out new recipes, the more interested I become in sourcing delicious meals to cook.

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