Family Portraits in the woods…

Family Portraits in the woods… » Emily Beale Photography

Last month we took our annual family portrait pictures in the woods, you can see our group pictures here, but I also took a few more individual pictures… We are lucky to have the woods on our doorstep, they are fairly well maintained and well used by the community.

The day we took our pictures the sun was just visible above the trees and there was a beautiful soft warm glow from it.

I definitely took my favourite pictures of Tayler, and I’ll be printing some for Christmas and for our home.

I hate just having pictures on the computer. I love to print them for frames and photograph albums.

Jarom and Nathaniel, well, they weren’t quite ‘playing ball’. Frankly they were stinkers on portrait day. So we’ll simply have grumpy pictures of them on our walls for years to come!

These were the best from a bad bunch…

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