Family Holiday in Normandie

Family Holiday in Normandie

Here are a few of our lovely holiday photos from our family holiday in Normandie last month.

We were very fortunate that my dad has a house in Basse-Normandie so this was a wonderfully thrifty holiday for us all. It is an amazing luxury to have such a retreat, especially as it is close enough to drive to, but far enough away to seem distant from life at home. This year we went on holiday with our dear friends who were very brave to come away with us, seeing as we have a demanding toddler dictating our plans. They definitely deserve medals for being so kind and tolerant of us as well as fantastic company.

The majority of these photos were taken in Granville, which as you might be able to tell is by the sea. Nye absolutely loved the beach, splashing around in rock pools and covering himself in sand.

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