Family Fun at Hatton Adventure World

Family Fun at Hatton Adventure World - Stressy Mummy

I first discovered Hatton Adventure World about five years ago when we went on a playgroup trip there.  It was described to me as a farm park with a difference and I can still remember walking in through the entrance gate and thinking ‘wow’ as I looked down the hill at all of the fun things it had to offer.  It really is so much more than a farm park and we had the most amazing day.  Five years on and we are regular visitors to Hatton and it has improved year after year as they constantly strive to improve the facilities and activities. We have very fond memories of Hatton and one of our favourite stories is when we took my mum and we went for a walk through their Maize Maze with the two boys and a pushchair.  It had been a wet summer and the maze was quite muddy.  My mum lost her shoe in the mud trying to get the pushchair out, L fell over and the pair of them got covered in mud.  It is one of those tales that we often tell and laugh about.

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