False Widow Spiders

False Widow Spiders

STOP PANICKINGmr-skinnylegs

We were informed this morning that the nursery had found some false widow spiders in their shed in the garden and we were offered the chance to use their nursery in Teddington. My husband, quite rightly, asked if they intended shoving the children INTO the shed. When the answer was no, he said, well in that case, as long as they are kept away from it, I’d like to keep him here.

Unfortunately I was phoned up at 2pm asking me to pick The Monster up by 4pm as the whole building our nursery is housed in, was going to be fumigated. I’m obviously really annoyed this couldn’t be better planned and I’m about to head off on my holiday, so my last day at work was quite important. Anyway, I did manage to move some stuff around, grovel to my boss and get off early.

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