Fallow, Fallowfield

Fallow, Fallowfield

After a couple of weeks of feeling rough as chuff, and generally running round like a mad buffoon, this weekend is all about relaxing. This morning we had a nice lie in, watched some cage fighting, then hopped down the motorway to Fallowfield to sample the new menu at Fallow. It's hiding down a colourful little street off the main road, complete with a building that looked very much like a school bus carrying an elephant and some horrific monkey. Odd. 

Fallow itself is what used to be Trof, and is owned by the same people who have the Northern Quarter's Ruby Lounge. In fact, it has that NQ vibe when you walk in - a bit of a mash up between Common and Home Sweet Home. It's a relaxed affair, with regulars popping in for a chilled out breakfast, a bit of quiet time reading the paper or a leisurely lunch. I was also told that the local running club often commandeer the first floor on a Saturday morning.

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