Falling Out Of Love...

What do you do when you fall completely and utterly out of love… With your house?

You sit and sulk about it apparently, well that is what I have been doing for the last few months.

It isn’t just me, Mr L feels the same and we are a bit stuck.

In theory or house should be perfect for us. We have a lovely three floor house, with four bedrooms and an equally sized lounge and kitchen downstairs with a huge space under the stairs. The rooms upstairs are two big double rooms, one single and a big bathroom, and the top room is a converted loft space so is a huge space.

So in theory we should have loads of space.

But we seem to be bursting at the seams.

The house looks dull, we have a mix match of furniture styles and be full of stuff, that we do need, but have no sort of clear space for everything. And to be honest it is getting us both down.

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