Fall activities for Kids: Playing in leaves

Fall activities for Kids: Playing in leaves

I don't know about you but come Fall/Winter Mac and I get "Cabin Fever"! We just become stir crazy and need to get out! I was sure others suffer from the same things and thought to myself how many kids now a days do actually go outside? Think about videos games, computers and TV. Is playing outside even "cool" anymore? So I took to the internet, Ha, and found some interesting statistics I thought I would share with you. " 64% of kids today play outside less than once a week, or were one of the 28% who haven't been on a country walk in the last year! Then I read: 21% who've never been to a farm and the 20% who have never once climbed a tree. These are some of my favorite memories as a child growing up with my brother. I can'[t even believe what children have NOT experienced now a days. Just mind boggling. So, we bundled Mac up and we headed outside to a ready

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