Facing the dreaded induction again

Facing the dreaded induction again

The third and final reason why I don't want another epidural relates to the way things went after the birth. Once I'd had surgery, I was taken into a ward, hubby was sent home and I was told to press a button if I needed anything. Shortly afterwards, Libby started to choke. I couldn't get out of the bed to get to her and when I pressed the button to call the hospital staff, nobody came. This happened several times and whilst she was ultimately fine, it was a dangerous situation that I won't be put in again. 

That's why this time, if I end up having an epidural and I'm unable to get out of the bed, I will refuse to be left on my own. If that means that one of my sisters has to come and stay with me until I can get out of bed then so be it, heaven forbid any hospital staff that try to stop them. Whilst I know that this won't happen to everyone, I would advise anyone who is in this situation after an epidural to make sure that they're not left alone. 

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