Facebook-free, but still here

Facebook-free, but still here

A week ago I deleted my Facebook account, giving this reason:

I’m leaving Facebook tomorrow after over 10 years of loving and loathing it. I will miss seeing your beautiful weddings, smiling children and fun holidays. Why am I leaving? Last night a video of a woman viciously beating a baby appeared on my timeline and started running before I could scroll past it. I wanted to scrub my eyeballs and undo what I saw. I want to run to that baby. Has the use of Facebook reached a new low, that it makes us think that by sending a video like this viral, we are doing anything to help that poor baby? That we compare anything about it – including sending it viral – to creating an overnight success of Gangnam Style? I still feel sickened every time I think about it. I don't want to pretend these things don’t happen, and feel safe in my own little life. I just don’t know how sharing two minutes of that abused child’s everyday reality is doing anything good for the child. Or what it says about what social media – and us as users of it – has become.

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