Fabric and Wallpaper Designs

Fabric and Wallpaper Designs | Stephanie Croydon As from today my designs are no longer available for purchase through Spoonflower. However, at the moment you can still see them visible in the public collection.

This withdrawal of sale comes from Spoonflowers new terms regarding tax from sales. If someone purchases my design i only get a tiny commission from that sale which i then have to declare. I last created a new design months ago and the site is only selling swatches for which i receive 50 cents, its rare that i sell meters of fabric. It is not worth me going through all the paperwork for 50 cents. If i had more time to design and there was more successful sales then i would consider making a business from it. At the moment i am too tied up in university work and other things.

For now any of my designs would be for my own personal use, not available for sale, which i will still share here.


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