Extra Marble Cup Cakes

Extra Marble Cup Cakes

You are right. Bitsa Wispa are far superior to normal sized Wispas. And so addictive. Before I had even cracked an egg into the mixing bowl I had sampled five of them and I can't tell you how many I ate in the end. I reserved enough for the cakes and thought if I left three for my mum then it wouldn't be so bad because I wouldn't have finished off the packet. Unfortunately my resolve lasted until I had the cakes in the oven before the packet was back out of the cupboard, emptied and the evidence hidden in the bin. Oh dear I thought, another example of my lack of willpower. It was all I could do not to eat some of the reserved Bitsas. In fact, writing this has made me want to go pull one off each of the remaining cakes.But no. I will be strong.

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