Exploring Wick Wood

Exploring Wick Wood - Cheetahs In My Shoes

We spent Easter Saturday morning exploring Wick Wood in St Albans. A well kept secret (ooops!) this small piece of woodland and adjoining playing field is well known to those who live in the North of the City – but an area of mystery to those of us who live over on the ‘South’ side. I’d been to Guiding events at ‘The Wick’ (as the playing field is known) many years ago but have no recollection of going to the wood itself. If you’ve taken me there mum, I’m sorry – it clearly didn’t leave an impression!

Wick Wood itself is lovely for small people with pretty flat footpaths, a small playground and the adjoining field to hurtle about in if running around the woods doesn’t let off enough steam. There are only 2 entrance/exits so we felt quite safe letting the children go off and explore knowing that they couldn’t get far.

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