Exploring SEA LIFE Great Yarmouth

Exploring SEA LIFE Great Yarmouth

You know it’s going to be a good day when you drive past a herd of horses. Magnificent wild horses in flat fields strewn with yellow flowers. Norfolk is a wonderful part of the country.

We were there to visit SEA LIFE which promised a world of strange, beautiful and amazing creatures. Situated on the Great Yarmouth seafront, there are close-up views of everything from jellyfish and penguins to crocodiles and sharks. Some 50 displays including a 250,000 litre tropical ocean exhibit and tunnel where you can gaze at SEA LIFE’s largest inhabitants.

Having not visited an aquarium the size of SEA LIFE before, POD squealed with delight when we arrived. Submerged in darkness, she was thrilled to be transported into an underwater wonderland. There was much pointing and cries of “look Bubba look” as POD pointed excitedly at the giant tanks in front of her. Bubba is one of her grandparents and lives with ‘Gaggam’ (as POD dubbed him) in nearby Suffolk.

There’s a wonderful atmosphere in the shipwreck area. We saw large fish called Giltheads plus conger eels and spiny starfish.

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