Experimenting with Positivity

Experimenting with Positivity

When I was little, there was a weekly coach trip to the beach in the school holidays from our estate. Every Wednesday morning, we'd all pile onto a coach and go to Bournemouth for the day. The lady who ran the trip also did a raffle on the way there; the prizes were the takings from the price of tickets, divided up into small food bags. One year, when I was about 8 or 9, I decided I was going to win a prize on the raffle and use it to buy myself a big rubber ring. I spent the whole week telling everyone: "I'm going to win a prize on the raffle on Wednesday!" They all smiled and nodded and said "yes dear..." And then Wednesday came... and I won the money and bought myself a great big, orange rubber ring!

Whenever someone talks about the power of positive thinking, or The Secret, or the Law of Attraction, I remember this. I remember that it is possible, and I know because I've done it.

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