Expats Are Born Not Made. Discuss - Expatlog

Expats Are Born Not Made. Discuss - Expatlog

The minute we enter education we’re on the assembly line of modern life, primed for our encounters via a series of checkboxes that must be ticked before we can progress to the next level. Our performance determines our place in life and society. What is school if not a system of judging an individuals right to life through labor? Does our current education system teach us to think critically, to examine, question and explore? Up to a point, but there’s no arguing that where there’s a conflict the principal drive is to meet quotients and targets. After years of exposure to this way of thinking it can be difficult for people to perceive the world and their place in it in any other way – but there are those who see things differently.

It’s my belief that expats are a breed of people less likely to accept the choices handed down to them by life...

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