Exercise Your Right to Vote!

Exercise Your Right to Vote!

Today is polling day across the UK.

We're all voting for our representatives in the European Parliament. Some of us are also voting for local councillors.

I've spoken to so many people recently who have said something along the lines of:

I'm not voting; there's no point.  This worries and saddens me.

Voting for European Parliament especially, seems to have a low voter turnout; people don't seem to care. Nobody's quite sure what they're voting for, and whether it really makes a difference. Voter turnout for European elections was just 34% at the last elections in 2009.

The European Parliament passes laws that affect the entire EU. In recent years, they have set a cap on mobile roaming charges across the EU, controls on food labels and pesticides, and ruled that airlines must show the full price of flights rather than advertising misleading prices that don't include tax etc. 

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