Exercise – it’s not just about “calories in, calories out”

Exercise – it’s not just about “calories in, calories out” I hate not feeling calm. I hate feeling like everything is under control when I look at my to-do lists but I still feel unsettled and anxious inside.

At times like these I’m reminded again that no matter what, I need to keep exercising. It offers me brief moments of peace and while I’m running or lifting something heavy I always feel that all’s well in the world.

Exercise is not just about calories-in, calories-out. It does wonders for your brain and that is the main reason I make time for it every single day even though I could be cooking or tidying or running around trying to find a shop that still has the boys’ size uniform items in stock because even though everything was ready in the spring for the new year they freaking decided to grow a lot more than I’m sure is normal over the summer :| ...

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