Excuse my French but I'm in France

Excuse my French but I'm in France

Outfit of the Day - Zara Trousers, Primark, Rayban, New Look

Here I am, casually waiting to board the Eurostar for a luxurious trip to Paris! Ok, so maybe I’m just standing at St Pancras for no reason, but I can dream can’t I?! There’s just something about simple black and white that reminds me of the effortless chic of native Parisians. I’ve been loving wearing these loose black trousers from Zara with just a plain shirt and heels; they also have pockets which combats the weird problem I sometimes seem to have of not knowing what to do with my hands at social gatherings (Hands on hips? Hands folded? Hands framing the face? Hands doing the Macarena? I should stop there)...

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