Exams!! It has come upon us, as a home..............

G.C.S.E.s (Dum dum duuuuuum)

It is terrifying! For us, as much as him (the teen). Why is it scary? Let us count the ways..

1. My baby is growing up, in many ways he is now classed as an adult.

2. This is it. What he does now, pretty much, defines how the rest of his lifegoes.

3. This is just the beginning. After this there will be higher education, driving theory tests, driving tests. The tests that start now, just keep going.

4. This is the first step towards my baby leaving, growing up and stuff!

Is that enough for you? Add to that, my tween is about to start the local Comprehensive, it all adds up to me feeling very sick..........and old!

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