Everything5pounds.com good or bad?

Everything5pounds.com good or bad? Every girl loves shoes right? - no, not me.

I'm not one who has millions of shoes for every different occasion, I have my basics then rely on my family members if I need a 'going out' pair of shoes. But recently my shoes I love so dearly have started to show age, so I went on a hunt for a new pair of shoes.

Every website I went on, all the shoes I actually liked were so expensive for just one pair! So my mum recommend I look on everything5pounds.com. I has looked on this website before and must admit, I thought some of the stuff was cheap and tacky and other stuff was just plain horrible. But as I was desperate I thought I'd give it a look and I was pleasantly surprised.

In the end I bought four pairs of shoes for £20! bargain

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