Everyone needs a little back-up Sunshine

Everyone needs a little back-up Sunshine

All my children have fallen in love with muslins, probably no coincidence since all four had pretty severe reflux and would constantly regurgitate feeds. Muslins were everywhere, no one picked up, let alone held a baby without one, even as toddlers muslins were in constant use. They have had different names over the years, perhaps my favourite being "zhou-zhou" or "jou-jou". (A cross between a "shh" and a "j".) It transpired several years later that this was in fact a toddler corruption of "tissue", but that's what happened when you have glue ear....

Son number one also became rather attached to small bear known very originally as "Bear" and "Jou-Jou and Bear" are still around to this day. Son number two developed a penchant for polar bears and managed to communicate his need for one. After a fruitless search here I bought a "Beanie Buddy" polar bear on ebay and it was shipped all the way from the USA. Our daughter loves cuddles - ALL of them and cycles them around but our youngest son became belatedly VERY attached to Sunshine.

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