Everyday Effect from P&G #Giveaway

Everyday Effect from P&G #Giveaway

Becoming a Mum is amazing. You can never prepare yourself for the rush of love you feel for this person you've created and yet never met. Along with unconditional love for your new baby comes the sometimes overwhelming task of raising this child. You have to feed them, soothe them, change them, help them to sleep, bathe them, clothe them, keep them amused, cuddle them...the list goes on and on. Becoming a Mum is amazing, but you do have to give up a lot of your time for your new baby, which is fine, but you can't help but miss a little "Me" time.

P&G commissioned research and conducted a survey with new Mums. The results would help P&G launch their Everyday Effect campaign. The study, of 2000 women, found that just being able to lie in bed is the main thing they miss in the weeks after having a new baby, followed by uninterrupted nights in with their partners. The biggest thing I missed was just being able to leave the house as soon as I was ready and go wherever I needed or wanted to be.

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