Everybody lost it

Everybody lost it

t's Wednesday again, and Wednesday is "Positivity Day" because of Jane. I blame Jane. She is the one responsible for making me sit here right now searching for positivity. If It wasn't for Jane I could have stayed rooted firmly in my negativity. I like it here. But I also like Jane, and her Small Steps Amazing Achievement linky, which to me has a "one tiny light in the sea of dark" theme. And this week I've had both - tiny lights, and a sea of dark.  "Why?" You ask? well, simply put, because we are four weeks into the summer holidays. Four weeks, which are twenty eight days, or 672 hours, or 40,320 minutes, you can see where I am going with it. It has been a very, and I mean very, long 4 weeks.  I think we've all lost it. Completely. For God sake, last Tuesday we took the kids to see The Smurfs 2, and I cried. I cried at the end when the guy says about the stepdad "this is my father". Seriously, with real tears and everything. I know, I told you I've lost it. And it's not as if I even have a reason

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