Every Day’s a School Day

Every Day’s a School Day

Last week I took my five year old out of school for a week to go on a cruise. 

The first thing a lot of people asked me when I said I was doing it was “what about school? Won’t they mind? Won’t her education suffer?”

And that got me thinking.  Would her education suffer?  Was taking her out of formal education for a week going to hold her back?  Would she come back and stress over catching up with her peers?  When you’re five, is a classroom environment more important than immersive learning?  So I approached her teacher and asked for her thoughts.  I explained the situation; how I was reviewing the cruise and that the opportunity was for a family, so it was expected that my daughter would come along and experience the children’s facilities on board.  I asked if there was anything we could take with us to keep her on track.  Perhaps some work sheets or some extra reading books.

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