Every Cloud...

138 Olivia came back from university last week to catch up on some reading. And obviously I was happy to see her, but she couldn't have picked a worse week to return home.

For starters, the bathroom is mid-renovation - I say mid with a hint of sarcasm. At time of writing our newly fitted toilet is out of action as the cistern is cracked and leaking water all over the recently tiled floor. As we're not getting a replacement for another week and a half - we'll just have to manage without.

Mr A and myself arrived home from Wales the previous weekend to discover that the house was freezing. The pressure had dropped in the boiler while we were away and the heating had conked out. Fortunately after topping it up, it fired back into action. On a slightly more positive note, our 20-year old fridge had also packed up during our absence, but as the house was so cold - its contents were fine.


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