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Eton mess has to be, one of the easiest pudding in the world to make.

About two years ago, I discovered that you can buy frozen soft fruit, in most of the major supermarkets. They come in 350g boxes, so any left over from a recipe, I just pop the back into the freezer for another time. You can get different types of frozen soft fruit, I add blueberries to my apple crumble and raspberries or mixed berries are brilliant for Eton Mess. They are available all year round and it works out cheaper than buying fresh berries.

I must confess, to make my Eton Mess I cheat and use shop bought meringues nests.

I make my Eton Mess one of two ways, the first is the healthy way with vanilla yoghurt or the not quite so healthy way, is with whipped cream.

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