Escaping London

Escaping London

We were craving for a one day break from London. It was a sunny, warm Autumn day, so we thought the seaside would be nice.

The idea was to go somewhere close to London (we are not keen on spending more than two hours in the car with our toddler).

Somewhere where Tod-Lu would be able to run, see boats (and exhaust himself).

Somewhere where we would relax and enjoy ourselves, without spending a fortune (our breaks tend to be quite pricey).

I had seen them numerous times in movie films and documentaries; The White Cliffs of Dover. This place is simply breathtakingly beautiful.

After a two-hour car journey, we parked our car at the National Trust's parking, had an early lunch at the cafe there (they make delicious salads), and followed the coastal path above the cliffs.

The White Cliffs walk, which was voted is one of the best in the UK, is so agreeable.

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