Enter The Sandman - The Desert Experience

Enter The Sandman - The Desert Experience So one of the days in Dubai, I decided hey why not try the desert experience. That should be adrenaline pumping right?! Dune bashing the dessert. *rolls eyes* So we inquired with our hotel and they hooked us up with Elite Star Tours & Safari. We wanted sand surfing as well but that would be at an additional price.The next day, we gathered at the lobby. Joining in the tour was 2 couple from Hong Kong and the Philippines. If my almost dead brain cells serves me well, it took us about 1 hour or so to reach the destination - which is in the middle of nowhere. So we reached at the pit stop. While they deflate the tires for the dune bashing, we roam around aimlessly snapping photos. You can call me kental (chicken/coward/insert all negative whatevers you want) for all I care but no more! NO more dune bashing for me! I guess I wasn't as 'adventurous' as I used to be. Old age has finally catch up with me, admit that woman! Hah!

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