Ending 2013 With Illness

December was a whirlwind, Boo wasn’t due until the 18th of December, so we thought that we could be spending the most of December pregnant, (although I had no intention of that happening) but as he decided himself to arrive early, it meant that the madness started on the 3rd instead. I had spent pretty much everyday since September praying that Baba didn’t get something highly contagious with starting school, like chicken pox or something and we had done really well. He had managed to miss most things, even though he had been put in with lots of new people, and neither of us had become too ill.

I had got a chest infection, but even Baba had managed to escape this that is until I went into labour.

Mu waters broke at 4.45am on Tuesday and by 6am Mr L and I decided that we had better get into hospital. But we wanted to tell Baba where we were going first, as we didn’t want him to wake up with Nanny and Grandad and not know where we were.

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