End Of Term – Progress, Transition and Apologies

I have 2 hours until I pick up the Cheetah and Sealion Keepers from school. We have staggered through and made it to both the end of term and the end of this academic year, with, essentially, all limbs intact. I am so not a gushy end of term person. I believe I may be the only person who has been to all the nativity plays and not needed a tissue. Not one. I will admit to having tears stream down my face as my beloved choir have sung their hearts out (usually in a rehearsal after a really long day and just nailed it) but as the end of term goes, I think there is more relief on my face than anything else. It’s time to look back and look forward. This year has been a challenging one – from the Cheetah Keeper’s long bout of school refusal and the somewhat ‘challenging’ behaviour once we’d got him into the classroom to the final realisation (yesterday) that spelling and phonics are still a complete mystery to his sister it’s been a ride that has lurched from one half term to the next

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