Embracing The Market

Embracing The Market

We are very lucky, we live near some great markets. And regular ones too.

We have a market on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday near by every week.

But it is something that I bypass, mainly because I am really lazy, it is much easier to go to one shop where I can buy all of Boo’s nappies and milk etc with my food. It is easier to do a big monthly shop in one place, but I really don’t think it is the most cost-effective.

With the wedding coming up, this is our last month to put in a good financial boost to the wedding fund, and I am trying to be very good with our money. I have set us a budget each week so that we can have the most money we can ready for Wedding expenses, but with a car service coming up it is going to be tight.

So today when I realised we still had quite a lot in our cupboards and freezer and that all we really needed was fruit and veg I decided to go to the market.

Embrace it as it were.

After all it was a lovely day.

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