"Elf on the Shelf" for Kids

I know these little "The Elf on the Shelf " kits have been around in stores and all over Pinterest.

Last year I had the luck of purchasing one for 75% off of the original price. This tradition of having an Elf come and stay with you through the month of December was very intriguing to me. I decided last year I wasn't so keen on the whole "fibbing" to Mac about Santa. I decided to show him the true meaning of Christmas by taking him with me when we donate and give back to others who are less fortunate. Which you will see throughout the month of December. So with the Elf I wanted to keep my fibbing down to a minimum as well. I informed him, about a week ago, that an Elf would be coming to stay with us. If Mac behaved the Elf would return every year to stay. During which time Mac was responsible for keeping the Elf out of trouble. Mac also had to stay out of trouble. He needed to respect us and listen because his Elf would be watching and mimicking him.

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