Egypt Votes on New Constitution

Egypt Votes on New Constitution

Egyptian voters have reportedly backed the new, military-dominated constitution, after two days of polling that ended on Wednesday. According to the state news media, 98 percent of the voters in 25 of 27 provinces voted in favour of a referendum, that is planned to replace the one implemented by ousted president Mohammed Morsi and his administration.

The vote is also being looked upon as a possible “get-your-foot-in-the-door” style presidential bid for the army. There was widespread criticism in the international media and community, with respects to the so-called one-sided election results during the Arab revolution that brought Morsi to power.

Similar trends of alleged corruption can be seen in this recent-most electoral process too. For example, the Islamist state of Matrouh, the Mediterranean province, has the lowest turnout, with just 20 percent of eligible voters.

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