Eggless Pizza Recipe

Eggless Pizza Recipe

Pizza is one of my girls favourite food to eat so at least once a week i turn on the oven to make some. However when it comes to kneading i am not very good at it but i keep trying and trying. When i finally managed to replace the yeast with baking powder and the Yeast Free Pizza i also discovered that my 1 year old is allergic to eggs. Yeh not a good allergy isn't it? Although i know that there is no good allergy...everything has eggs in... So what was left to do? Well, what does a mummy blogger do when she needs help? She asks for help from her fellow bloggers of course! So I asked and my question was answered - CHIA SEEDS - suggested by the lovely Lacey from Cured Confection.

I googled what I had to do to replace the eggs with the chia seeds and i've done it and the result was really impressive!

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