Ebony's Second Christmas

Ebony's Second Christmas

This post is probably a little late, I can’t imagine many people want to read about Christmas just after they’ve finished taking down the tree, packing away the decorations and downing the last of the mulled wine. But I’m not one of those organised bloggers who posts about Christmas on Boxing Day. I’m more of a laissez faire blogger, should I find the time to post about current things then I will, if not I’ll just post about things months later, when I finally get round to it.

I love Christmas. I always loved it as a child, enjoying the traditions my parents had instilled in us, and celebrating Christmas as a family each year. I love that now I get to set the Christmas traditions. I consider myself the project director of Christmas in our house. Laurie takes a casual back seat, usually only springing into action on Christmas Eve when he runs into the nearest department store and panic buys anything he thinks I could possibly vaguely not hate.

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