Eating "Free From" Food is NOT a lifestyle choice.


I'll tell you what my "attitude" towards them is, an essential, vital form of sustenance for my children who would otherwise become very ill. Foods which are sold as if I should be grateful, which are often poor in nutritional content and high in price, which we cannot do without.

Eating "freefrom" food is not a lifestyle choice for the vast majority, it's a no-alternative, medically imposed way of life and to suggest otherwise is both ignorant and offensive.

So when faced with a questionnaire asking me to rate answers as to why I choose "free from" food in order of importance, seeing options such as "helps weight loss" and "they are lower calorie" makes me not a little cross!

Many of you will have visited my recipe Blog, The Recipe Resource, which caters for children on exclusion diets. I started the Recipe Resource because having struggled for years feeding my children with complex allergies I felt I would like to do something positive, and help others maybe avoid some of the pitfalls I had fallen prey to and impart some knowledge learned along the way. That's the short version. If you want the long version, it's here.

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