Eating Clean & Feeling Lean...

Eating Clean & Feeling Lean...

Since the Hubster's "pep talk", I've actually been trying really hard to be good. I've even (stop the press) been waking up at 5.40am to complete my workout so that I don't have to come up with excuses (you'll see I have those in abundance) when I get in from work each night. Check me out. But aside from the regular exercise, what has really made me feel great this past week is cutting down on the carbohydrates in my diet.

I know what you're thinking- no bread, no pasta, no potatoes...No way Jose! But ever since I first read about the Paleo Diet, over at More Than Toast, I've been really curious as to what a difference it would make to my super annoying digestive system and so far I'm already feeling the benefits. Don't get me wrong, I'd chew your right arm off for a bowl of tuna pasta or a jacket potato the size of my head right now, but then I quickly remind myself that I'm actually feeling OK. Better than OK, I'm feeling great...less bloated, more energetic and I'm certainly not missing that after-meals-slump that usually makes you sleepy or reaching for the sweet stuff.

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