Easy Strawberry Flan

Easy Strawberry Flan

It was Mother’s Day the other week and mum was coming over for dinner. I was planning on making a slap up meal for her, including barbecued pulled pork, roast tatties etc. And for dessert – well this easy strawberry flan was a result of having very little time left.

The main course was going along swimmingly but I was struggling for time. You see, I had (eventually) taken delivery of my new computer – 3 weeks late, a day and a half annual leave wasted waiting for a delivery man who never showed up, numerous angry phone calls (tip – don’t go to a shop starting Ar and ending in gos for your new computer). I spent the vast majority of that weekend setting up the new PC, transferring things from my old one to the new one etc.

So Sunday comes along and I didn’t know what to make in a hurry. I popped to the supermarket and picked up a few ‘instant’ items and came up with this Easy Strawberry Flan.

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