Easy Sensory Play Lights

Easy Sensory Play Lights - My Little 3 and Me

Children love to explore, engage and learn about the world around them using all their senses and there are many wonderful sensory toys on the market but they are often extremely pricey. We’ve got a great way to provide sensory play lights at home or in your setting for much less. Playing with lights and colours in the dark is of course great fun but it also gives us lots of opportunities for children to explore and practice new language as we chat about what we are experiencing. Snuggling up together with torch-light can be a really cosy quiet time too. In our very busy and noisy lives I think it can be really valuable for children to experience quiet too. Perhaps you can keep as quiet as you can for a minute or two to see what the children can hear. Maybe a car or cat outside, maybe a tap dripping, maybe a bird in the garden?

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