Easy Kids Christmas Craft: Handmade Cocktail Coasters

Easy Kids Christmas Craft: Handmade Cocktail Coasters

Let’s all admit what Christmas is really about: drinking. So last week when my sometimes-daughter was over, we made some (VERY SIMPLE) coasters. A cinch to make after school, these Fimo-and-glitter beauties will lift the festive fog from too much grog, and add a little charm to that glass of champagne (you know, the one your hangover’s telling you shouldn’t look so good).

Like all craft on Little Lewes, this involves almost no effort from you (apart from buying the materials) and also doesn’t require high levels of time and engagement from them. As you can see from the above, it’s not about a perfect result, either.

The places I've advised for buying materials are all in Lewes, the blog's physical location, but they can also be found through the Hobbycraft button in the blog's sidebar.

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