Easy Christmas Pud Tunnock Teacake Pimp!

Easy Christmas Pud Tunnock Teacake Pimp!

Ahh Tunnock's Teacakes, the iconic Scottish teatime treat of chocolate covered gooey marshmallow and biscuit...  The mere sight of the red and silver foil wrapper takes me back to my youth.

For Christmas, I've pimped up the Tunnock's for those who don't like Christmas pudding.  These would be great to serve at a kid's tea party, or pop in a lunchbox for a festive treat.

You'll need:

Tunnock's Teacakes Easy Roll White Royal Icing (you need only a tiny amount, so use any leftover from the Christmas cake) Holly decorations either edible or non-edible

1. Carefully remove the foil wrapper.  Resist the urge to scoff teacake.  Set aside the wrapper for smoothing out later with the back of a spoon (What?  Is it just me who used to do that?)

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