Easy and Cheap

Easy and Cheap

Easy and Cheap

No I'm not talking about myself, I'm talking food.

The family and I have given up take aways!!! *gasp* (until Xmas *phew) I have decided this for 2 reasons. My 1st reason, is the money we spend, the 2nd is trying to be a little healthier.

I would like to point out, it is not such a simple task, giving these up. I live within 100 yards of...... 4 takeaways?! They offer a variety of different choices, and are clean and friendly places. I also live within a mile of, well........a LOT more take aways! There are several in town, including the golden arches and the chicken one. So, not an easy thing to give up!

However, is it really that hard to cook similar? With a mixture of fresh and convenience foods, you can make something delicious. So I thought I would show you today, with one of my favourites.

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