Easter Tree Decorations

Easter Tree Decorations An Easter tree, an Easter tree?!!! Yes, yes, this may sound like a silly concept but I LOVE it! It's actually a Swedish tradition called a Paskris.

But I am all for any excuse for seasonal decor and when you can buy teeny tiny wooden egg decorations why not?!

But the thought of getting out the Christmas twigs just didn't seem right so I created a living tree from foraging in the back garden!

I cut off a couple of branches from a large shrub and used an old plant pot that has lovely grape hyacinth coming into bloom. Leave enough "stem" on your branch pieces for them to poke far enough into the plant pot.

Then get decorating! The kids will love it and it brightens up your home.

I made a couple of ideas too. Seriously easy and you can get them out every Easter.

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