Easter Sensory Bin

Easter Sensory Bin - Here Come the Girls

The girls have had loads of fun with this easter sensory bin and it took very little setting up.

I just used some lentils and some green mung beans to make a very rough egg shape. Then I laid out a bowl of all their Easter bit and pieces. There are fluffy chicks and bunnies and plastic eggs.

It didn’t take long for them to find it after school and get stuck in.

Sometimes I provide two sensory bins for the twins but sometimes I think it is good for them to share. They don’t always play at the same time anyway. I loved seeing how they worked together with this one.

Of course there were a few arguments – but that is part of the learning process.

The girls explored putting the different things inside the eggs. Of course we had to talk about how bunnies don’t hatch out of eggs – only chicks.

They were delighted when they discovered that the lentils make a rattling sound when you put them in an egg.

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