Easter getaway: Our Time of Gifts, weeks 39 & 40

Pigeon Pair and Me: Easter getaway: Our Time of Gifts, weeks 39 & 40

This year, I’ve been trying to give something away each week. Over the last few months, these gifts have taken the form of straightforward presents; a loan of my time; a donation to charity; or passing on an unwanted object to someone who can make use of it.

I’ve found it difficult to write about something new every week. Our Time of Gifts has led me into new ways of sharing, like Streetbank and BookMooch. But the gifts that come most naturally, are the things I would have done anyway, regardless of any year-long effort to be more altruistic. Like giving presents to friends who have just given birth. Or passing on treats to people who might appreciate them more than me.

And those are the gifts that I find it most difficult to blog about. These small, intimate acts of kindness between individuals sometimes feel too personal to broadcast.

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