Easter Craft - Eggs in Baskets

Easter Craft - Eggs in Baskets - Cheetahs In My Shoes

On our return from Butlins, the Sealion Keeper was desperate to try out some Easter craft. Having caught up on her life support system Blue Peter (if it’s not on Blue Peter, it doesn’t exist at the moment) she was really keen to try out their ‘eggs in baskets’ make, which was really cool. To be fair, as Easter craft goes, this is pretty awesome – getting foil wrapped eggs into string baskets when the gaps in the basket are too small to get the eggs through. This make needs the following:

Balloons (having tried this, go for the slightly larger, slightly more expensive than ‘value’ ones)

String, twine or wool – I would say that this needs to have a degree of absorbency to help the basket set. I’m not sure that plastic ‘string’ will work

PVA glue



We also used some ready mixed sparkly acrylic paint to colour the PVA glue

Foil covered mini-eggs

It’s also an ‘overnight’ make to allow drying time – unless it’s a really hot day and you can get them outside to dry. Ours took a good 24 hours to dry.

Here’s our way of doing it – in pictures:

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