Easter Basket Ideas

Easter Basket Ideas

Last year I wrote about where my love of Easter baskets all started, you can read the post here. There’s a shocking picture of me, go take a look!

This year I dug out an old journal from when I was younger and found a poem I had recorded that had been written by my dear sweet mummy. She always put so much fun into everything, and she wrote this for us as an Easter egg hunt guide! It is seriously cute.

This year I hunted high and low for the right baskets. I realised that there are so many options out there! Garden centres are a great place to start, there are some really lovely plant containers that would make great Easter buckets. Craft stores also have some great brightly colours boxes and containers that are perfect for piling in the Easter treats. Super markets are really starting to stock lovely Easter containers too. This year I also realised that paper gift bags are a really fun idea too. My boys would love the lego one above!

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