Easiest Creme Egg Brownies Ever!

Easiest Creme Egg Brownies Ever!

Around last Easter, my social media timelines were filled with photos of Cadburys Creme Egg Brownies. I remember thinking, firstly what a great idea they were for Easter, and secondly that I must have a go at making them next year. So roll on almost 12 months and I have done just that!

I have made them very easy brownies similar to the ones which I made for the first time for Valentines Day . These Creme Egg Brownies use just 5 ingredients making them perfect for busy people, and would also be ideal for children to help make too. My brownies did break up a bit as soon as I cut them – this might have been my fault, as I sliced them before they had cooled down completely. But then I like eating them when they are still warm and gooey inside! How do you like to eat yours?

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